MasterGlenium ACE 30 - High early strength, high range water reducing/superplasticising, admixture for precast concrete


How does MasterGlenium ACE 30 work?

MasterGlenium ACE 30 is an admixture of a new generation based on second-generation polycarboxylic ether polymer with high early strength gains. MasterGlenium ACE 30 is free of chloride & low alkali. It is compatible with all types of cements

Recommended uses:

  • MasterGlenium ACE 30 is suitable for making precast concrete elements at all workability’s including Rheoplastic or Super workable concrete having fluid consistence, no segregation, a low water binder ratio and,consequently high early and long term strengths
  • MasterGlenium ACE 30 may be used in
  • combination with MasterMatrix(formerly
  • known as GLENIUM STREAM 2) for producing Rheodynamic concrete, capable of selfcompaction,even in the presence of dense reinforcement without the aid of vibration, for making precast elements.
  • As an component of Zero Energy System™
  • Concreting in cold weather

What makes MasterGlenium ACE 30 a unique solution?

MasterGlenium ACE 30 reduces water content drastically ( > 35%) and helps achieve very high early strength, mainly for Precast Concrete

What are the features and benefits of MasterGlenium ACE 30?

  • Achieve high early strengths
  • Produces Rheoplastic and Rheodynamic
  • concretes having a low water cement ratio
  • Optimise curing cycles by reducing curing time or curing temperatures
  • Eliminate heat curing
  • Eliminate the energy required for placing,
  • Compacting & curing (Zero Energy System™)
  • Increase productivity/ reduction in cycle time
  • Improve surface appearance
  • Produce durable precast concrete elements
  • Improved engineering properties, compared to traditional superplasticiser such as early and ultimate compressive and flexural strengths,reduced shrinkage and low permeability