​MasterCem LS 3360 Late Strength Enhancer for Cements

How does MasterCem LS 3360 works ?

MasterCem LS 3360 is specially formulated as the grinding aid and late strength enhancer for cements. 

MaterCem LS 3360 is an aqueous modified alkanolamines mixture. Its innovative technology allows optimum cement hydration to provide higher late strength.

What makes MasterCem LS 3360 a unique solution ?

MasterCem LS 3360 is a very effective cement particle dispersant in both dry and wet form. Its molecules adsorb into cement interstitial layer and reqct accordingly to enhance the hydration reaction and allow more surface area for cement hydration. Further reactions with cement particles allow precipitation and nucleation processes that contribute to improved development of cement strength.

How can you benefit from MasterCem LS 3360 ?

Benefit of MasterCem LS 3360 is its ability to reduce air content in the cement paste and concrete. This contributes to higher late strength in cement and concrete.


MasterCem LS 3360: Technical Data Sheet

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